Faceon Skin Radiance Face Wash {60ml}


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 Skin Radeance

PRODUCT DETAILS : HUMAN BODY COMPRISES WITH MANY DEFENCE MECHANISMS ONE OF IMPORTANT MECHANISM iIs skin. SKIN BEING PLAY ROLE AS IST DEFENCE SYSTEM OF BODY AND TODAY IN SUCH BUSY LIFE Style ONLY 3 % PEOPLE ARE GIVING PROPER TREATMENT TO BEAUTYFY AND PROTECTION THEIR SKIN rest are untreated and prone to several skin diseases and ailments. We provide unique combinations of herb to detox your skin at root level and provide internal and as well as external glow on your skin .
Chiraita ( swertia chirayita)
Gorakhmundi ( sphaeranthus indicus)
Raktchandan ( pterocarpus santalinus)
Pitpapra( fumaria parviflora)
Chobchini ( smilax china
Neem ( azadirachta indica)
Sarsaprila ( smilax ornata)
Triphala ( terminalia bellirica)
Manjith ( Rubia cordifolia)
Giloy ( tinospora cordifolia)
Kalmegh (andrographis paniculata)
Nagarmotha ( Cyperus scariosus)
Daruhaldi ( berberis aristata)
Revendchini ( rheum australe)
Indrayanmul ( citrullus colocynthis)
Anantmool ( hemidesmus indicus)
Benefits :

1-Herbs are potent internal as well as external detoxifers.

2-Herbs accelerate the blood circulation to get clean rid of free radicals in order to maintain flawless, glowing skin.

3-Its excellent remedy for stomach and its activity.

4-It help skin to clear rashes via improving blood circulation.

5-It is an ayurveda herb used from ancient times for production of red blood cells.

6-It is packed with powerful antioxidant compounds that slow down aging process and repair DNA damage.

7-Also helpful in reducing dark spots ,pimples and fine lines and wrinkle.

8-Helpful in fighting bacteria, removing toxins and other health benefits.